Russians in the world

Russians in the world

Generous Russian Tourists and their visits to Europe



London, Edinburgh and Manchester are the favored destinations for Russian tourists who visit the UK with 227,000 arriving last year according Visit Britain.

According to statistics, Russian tourists spend around €340 million pounds a year on their holidays with Russians spending significantly more money than any other tourists. Russian tourists spend €1,000, on average, per trip while other tourists only spend around €600 pounds per trip.

During the first six months of 2013 the flow of tourists from Russia to the UK increased by four per cent compared to last year while spending also increased by 13 per cent, Visit Britain revealed.

It is not only Russian tourists who are spending money in the UK as many Russians area buying up property in London. According to online statistics, 80 per cent of Russians buy real estate abroad, mainly in the UK and Switzerland but not for investment purposes, but where their children can receive an education.

The daily expenditure of generous Russian tourists visiting Slovakia came to five times more than that of tourists from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria, with Russians spending on average €250 while the others spend €50. German, Japanese and Italian tourists all spend €120 per day on average according to Slovak daily Buongiorno Slovacchia.

Ukrainian and Russian tourists spent the most time on holiday in Slovakia, staying at hotels between four and five days.

In other news, Italian’s were left stunned in August when a Russian tourist left a local hairdresser a €500 tip. According to reports a middle aged woman and her teenage daughter went into a hairdresser in the town of Massa in Tuscany to get their hair done.

The Russians were so impressed by the service which cost less than €40 that they handed over a tip of €500!

The hairdresser remarked that the Russians were so touched by the kindness and the courtesy shown by the salon’s staff that they felt like the tip was a fair reward!