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Russian Social Media

All You Need To Know About Internet Users In Russia

These Are The Numbers That You Need To Know About Internet Users In Russia



Number of Internet users in Russia reached almost 60 mln! According to a Russian survey conducted last year by Levada Center, an independent pollster, approximately 59% of Russians use the Internet. 

What was notable about this survey was just how much this percentage varied in terms of the social group that these web users fell into.  Apparently senior managers, directors, leading specialists and students made up over 80% of that figure. 

Furthermore, Ruslan Tagiyev, the CEO of TNS-Russia, reportedly stated in an April 2013 conference that some 76.5 million people (about 53% of the country’s general population) over the age of 12 use the internet at least once a month.

Tagiyev’s figures differed somewhat to that of the Public Opinion Foundation, another Russian pollster, who in a March 2013 research publication of theirs purported that the number of Russian internet users over the age of 18 was about 50.1 million (approximately 43% of Russia’s entire adult population) and that around 64.4 million adults (some 55%) surf the web about once a month.

Taking these figures into account, it is no surprise then that Russia is in 2014 considered a very viable market for online services.  And due to its significant success in the online gaming and e-commerce markets, capital city Moscow is now regarded as one of the biggest start-up regions in Europe.  

It has been said that one does however need to understand Russia’s geography in order to be able to comprehend internet penetration therein.  According to Alyssa Kritsch of Hootsuite, “Internet penetration is highest in the Central region, with 29% of total internet users and 11% of those residing in Moscow. The second highest regional internet penetration rate of 16% is within the Volga region, home to Sochi and the 2014 Winter Olympics. It’s interesting to note that nearly half of all Russia’s internet users reside in small villages or cities with less than 100 000 occupants. While only 34% of internet users reside in cities of 500 000 or more occupants.

Being that Russian internet usage has increased substantially from just 3.2 million users in 2003 to close to 60 million in 2014, it stands to reason then that an effective online brand and marketing strategy will play a critical role for those businesses wanting to target a wider Russian audience.