Russian Social Media

Russian Social Media

Some of the features of Russian social media



There are many uses for social media in Russia, and you will quickly notice similarities between Russian social media practices and those commonly used in the West. You may also be surprised to find there are some things for which the Russians use social media that are unique to this country.


  1. Russians spend a lot of time on social media.

Internet users in Russia spend on social networking platforms approximately 4.8 hours each day and remain one of the most ‘socially active’ nations in Europe


  1. Social media is a source of news and exchange of views, users can express their opinion and support it with graphics, provide information about themselves and their businesses. Social media remain the best way to marketing to Russians, as here you can easily find social influences and followers.

Russian social networking space includes mainstream Russian social media platforms, such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, MoiMir and Facebook that communicate in real time and allow any business to reach its clients directly. Of course, it will require time and effort to earn their attention and trust, but the result can be really rewarding.


  1. Social media in Russia turned into a giant discovery platform. Information about tourist destinations, business news and all related with establishing new contacts helps Russians in exploring new business opportunities.

At the same time, these opportunities are limited by language barrier. Communication in Russian social networks is done primarily in Russian language. However, this does not stop businesses to explore new territory, using arsenal of resources, including specialized companies.

Social media is not banned in the country, but there are a few social media outlets that have run into some difficulties. The Russian government is still not quite used to dealing with open discussion. The law in Russia is changing in regards to monitoring social media networks. Any company wishing to do social media business in Russia must keep that in mind—what is being required of the various platforms, particularly when it comes to data.

New book about Russian social media is intended to acquaint you with the Russian use of social media and the various platforms commonly used by Russians. It is critical you keep an open mind when looking at all the materials.

This is not the Russia you might remember of the czars or the commissars. It is now a nation of growing economic power with a population that is sensitive to the current times. Russia is as attached to social media as any western European or North American community.


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